Exploring the Venetian: Activities Before and After the Sphere Show

The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, known for its luxurious offerings, provides an enriching experience around the Sphere Show. Enhance your visit with strategic stops at Electra for happy hour and Juliet for post-show entertainment.

Pre-Show: Happy Hour at Electra (5 PM – 7 PM)

Kickstart your evening at Electra Cocktail Club, offering a happy hour from 5 PM to 7 PM. This lounge is celebrated for its creative cocktails and stylish setting, making it an ideal spot for a pre-show gathering. Enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers in a vibrant atmosphere that sets the tone for the night ahead.

Post-Show: Juliet Live Music (10 PM – 1 AM)

After the Sphere Show, head to Juliet for a night of live music and dancing, available from 10 PM to 1 AM. Here you’ll experience a diverse music selection offering a high-energy setting to conclude your night

Located off the Venetian casino floor in between Chica & Black Tap Grill
Open nightly
3pm to 2am

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